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  1. OreoMochi

    Could this baby kit (Tiny) be a peanut or runt? Please help

    So my holland lop mixed mini lop doe gave birth to 6 kits, 1 that was a stillborn fetal giant (2-3x the size of the others) and the rest (5) lived. This kit (which I guess I’ll temporarily name Tiny bc not sure if it’s boy or girl) was a bit smaller but almost the same size of the rest of the...
  2. abbiec

    Pulling hay without using your hands? Advice needed urgently!

    Hi lovely bun parents 💓 I've recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and it effects all my joints even my hands. Basically I'm having troubles pulling the hay bale apart and I'm in need of some ideas of how to pull it apart without using my hands/fingers!? Any ideas? Please share!! Thanks in...
  3. M

    Bunny birth

    My rabbit gave birth to two bunny’s at half 10 this morning She has given birth to another one half an hour ago. Should I be worried? How will I know when she has finished giving birth? I’m slightly concerned as supposedly rabbits are supposed to finish birthing kits after 30 minutes. Is this true?
  4. T

    Day 35, Pulled Fur on day 33, No Babies

    Hi, everyone. First time posting here. My rabbit does not feel pregnant at all. I don't feel babies moving inside her. It's very possible she lost her litter during an altercation last Wed when she escaped out of her habitat and encountered another doe with her 7 week old babies. There was no...
  5. Kenzie122_

    Baby rabbits, killed by something

    My doe gave birth whilst i was on holiday over the weekend, i was gone for only a day and when i came home i found a headless baby bunny in her cage near her food dish. And i dont understand why she killed them, plus the fact that we only found 2 babies. Both headless. My dad threw away her nest...
  6. Kenzie122_

    Rabbit nesting???

    My female rabbit is holding shavings in her mouth and wont let me take them out. Is she sick and do i need to call the vets? Shes also been stealing bit of carpet. Is she nesting?
  7. F

    rabbit testicles! do they look normal?

    I’m not sure if my bunnies testicles look normal? he recently turned 9 months and i’m getting him neutered soon but since he is my first bunny i am not sure if his testicles are normals because they didn’t look like that. they look a bit wrinkly not sure if that’s the correct word but can anyone...
  8. Kenzie122_

    Rabbit harassment

    I have a male and female rabbit who are kept separate due to neither being neutered. They are free roam in separate rooms however there is only one door separating them which family members continue to leave open even after being told not too. My male rabbit when he gets out of his room will...
  9. P

    Twitching bunny help!

    Uh hello im new here and I just recently got a bunny- i don't know if she is sick or not ok but she seems to be twitching her head and when we let her run and play she gets excited but twitches a lot. Her stomach seems to be really bloated or big to say the least. Is this all normal im really...
  10. M

    Need advice!!!

    Hello guys, I got my first ever rabbit about 4 months ago now and it has been amazing. Safe to say i am a crazy rabbit lady. Im not sure when but i would love to get a friend for my rabbit. Hes a male rabbit that hasnt been desexed and im not looking to get him desexed at the moment. Now i...
  11. S

    Rabbit eye looks infected

    My Netherland dwarf has had a yucky eye for a couple of days now. I washed it out yesterday with salty water but it has returned today. I washed it out at about 9;30 this morning only to see at 1;00 that it has returned pretty bad. His eye looks squinty and im not sure what to do. my initial...
  12. U

    Litter Issues

    Lemon is my first bunny, and a second-hand acquisition. During the spring, summer, and fall she lives outside but in the winter she comes in to avoid the weather. She has no issue using her litter box in her cage, and sometimes sits in it just to sit. But when I let her out we have accidents...
  13. D

    Help rabbit bleeding threw nose!

    Help! My 4 year old rabbit is bleeding threw her nose! It is currently 11 pm I found her like this around 10:25. Vet opens 9 am. She’s sneezing and bleeding out of her nose! Help I don’t know what to do! She barely drinking water and doesn’t want food. Please help me I need to hold her off till...
  14. O

    Strange Irritated Bump on Rabbit’s Lip... HELP!!

    My family and I found a bump on our rabbit’s lip that seems to be maybe a blister or callous. It is not affecting his eating habits or mood, but it looks pretty bad. I’ve done some research and seen a lot of similar things that could have been rabbit syphilis, but he has had no sexual contact...
  15. BunnyLandia

    Pairing 1 month old bunny with much older rabbit

    Hi guys, so About 3 months ago I bought an adult female rabbit from the flea market. Her names pancake. Last week I decided to buy a 1 month old lionhead male bunny. When I put them together, my female rabbit pancake always lunges at the new bunny, growls and attacks him. I am a new rabbit owner...
  16. D


    Hello, my name is Sarah! I am a rabbit owner like the most of you. I had 4 rabbits now reduced to 2 rabbits. They died of a disease that has spread to all my rabbits. I used to not have a proper rabbit vet so now I drive to different cities to get them proper care. Saidly I can no longer afford...
  17. myroommateisarabbit

    Help me guess my rabbit's age/breed!

    Recently got a new bunny to accompany my older rabbit Kit (don't worry, he is a total sweetheart). The breeder I got him/her from was clearly not a very good one, unfortunately. He tried to tell me that Bean is 7 weeks, and I'm having a VERY hard time believing him. Now maybe I'm just crazy...
  18. Annita

    Bunny Nipping causing bumps

    Hi my bunny Teddy keeps on nipping on my arm and I see these red bumps on my arm. They seem kind of like it’s an insect bite if that makes sense (small raised bumps where he bite and redness around it) . I’ve had these bumps since yesterday and they’re still red, I want to know if anybody has...
  19. Selena RD

    Help 12 week bunny diarrhea

    My male new bunny i got 3 weeks ago started not eating and drinking and not pooping then a few hours later of giving baby food and water big hard poops came out then he only wanted to eat carrots kale and alfalfa but not a lot and then only pee 3 times and not as happy as he is and either move...
  20. Ariana

    My bunny is bored!!!!!

    Help! Bunny barely does anything. My bun squishy doesn’t like toys, he doesn’t really chew on cardboard or anything other than hay. I’ve went through tons of things but all he does is sit around. He’s perfectly healthy . I’ve tried hiding treats but he gets bored with it after the first find...