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  1. AshAndMaple

    Why Not Eating Cecotropes?

    Hi everyone, I've just adopted two 3-month-old lionhead bunnies from a sanctuary I volunteer at. Their diet there was meadow hay, adult rabbit nuggets, and whatever fruit and veg got donated. Now they're home I'm giving them timothy hay (high-quality, not pet-shop!), and they're getting small...
  2. S

    Bunny on antibiotic and antitoxin has mismatched poops.

    Long story short, we had a plant (Madagascar Dragon Tree) that was growing in our yard that was toxic to my bunny because she ate the leafs of a growing bud. She's way better now, yesterday she wouldn't eat anything besides hay and water - but now she's eating her veggies again (still refusing...
  3. Cinny


    I’d like if anyone would reply to this asap. My rabbit cinnamon today has been acting reall unusual. Her head is tilted and she isn’t moving much. We noticed her eye was red and irritated and we think that’s the problem towards it. If anyone else has an idea what it is and what we should do let...
  4. A

    E Cuninculi

    Hi guys I’m hoping for a bit of help. I got a new bunny almost 4 weeks ago now. Today, the lady I got him off told me she had to put one of her bunnies down (today) as it had developed a head tilt that got progressively worse. The bunny is about 5 months old I believe. they believe she had EC I...
  5. L

    Rabbit running circles around my feet, biting and ‘oinking’

    hi, my rabbits about six/seven months old, hasn’t been neutered, and he’s been running circles around my feet the last few days, something he’s never really done. he’s also making a noise that can only be described as an ‘oinking’ noise and he’s become more aggressive, usually he’s pretty...
  6. Sweet Potato rabbit

    Is my bunny ok?

    I just adopted a 1-yr old dwarf two weeks ago. Today I noticed some small poop, a few double poop and lots of mushy cecotropes which he hasn’t eaten. Although he usually doesn’t eat all his cecotropes, I think the excess cecotropes today might be because he had a treat and a leaf of bok choy...
  7. bunnypop

    my bunny has a gurgly tummy?

    whenever i listen to my bun's belly i can hear the soft gurgling, but today it was louder than usual. i could hear it when i was close to him, but not from a distance or anything even in a quiet room. he's still had an appetite for his hay and has been drinking his water, but i wanted to make...
  8. CookieNrayzee2020

    Cherry eye/ third eyelid damage from a cat scratch

    Hello, Yesterday we noticed that our little 4 month old angora Rex female, raisin, was hiding under the chair during a time she usually plays. Upon further inspection it looked as if her eye was injured in the corner area. After researching I’ve diagnosed it as a mild cherry eye. We have another...
  9. K

    Poop changes?

    Hi! I’ve had my bun for 4 months now and this is the first time there’s been a poop change so i’m quite nervous! I dug through all of his poop and the photos are my findings (I look at his poop everyday, always making sure there’s never a change since I was told it’s a big thing and so I have...
  10. dynamic_butterscotch

    Rabbit & Ivy

    My rabbit willow has dental disease and I am used to her mood and interest in food fluctuating after about a month of not having her teeth filed down. But she abruptly became hesitant to eat and her behavior has shifted. I am unsure what is going on. I do know that she took a small bite out of...