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  1. P

    Head tilting! Help please

    I noticed that my young bunny ( 4-5 weeks old) has been eating strangely. While eating pellets (only pellets, doesn’t seem to be happening while eating hay) she tilts her head up and to the right while chewing. Is this normal in baby bunnies or does she have tooth problem already or neurological...
  2. K

    Housing for a Head Tilt Rabbit

    I adopted a second rabbit (Tilly) 5 months ago and she got an ear infection. I’ll spare you all the medical details (my exotic vet was very through). She is no longer sick but has what will probably be a permanent head tilt. She can hop around but will still roll on slippery floors and also just...
  3. WildThumper2010

    Head tilt or a stroke?

    So I wanna preface this my saying I’m taking my little guy into a bunny vet later this afternoon...but I’d like to get some perspective from other rabbit owners. I have an 8 year old dwarf mix, and just the last day or so I’ve noticed is head is kind of tilting to one side and it looks like...
  4. 5

    Head tilt with severe rolling not responding to meds for 3 weeks

    Hi everyone, I apologize for jumping in to this forum to get rather than give help, but I've been desperately searching for answers for weeks now and think the next best option is to ask for help with my specific case. Ruby, my dear, sweet 2.5 yo girl, went from wonderfully active one day to...
  5. equipix

    Head Tilt

    I know this is a common thread :( My almost 7 yr old giant flemish's head tilt started much the same as everyone's stories on here. I got him to an emergency vet the day he showed symptoms. She ran lots of blood work and began treatment right away with antibiotics for ear infection, e-coniculi...
  6. swarning1222

    Recurring head tilt?

    A little over a year ago my rabbit had head tilt. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong with her so they gave me some antibiotics and she made a full recovery within a couple weeks. I just figured it must have been an ear infection. Well now it’s starting again. Has anyone experienced this or...
  7. rabbitpeople

    Diagnosing/treating neurological symptoms? Has issues eating/drinking/moving

    EDIT: Updated avatar to a screenshot from a video of Chewy eating hay all on his own yesterday! My wife and I returned from a vacation on Sunday to find our 8 year old half-Satin half-English Spot in a strange position in his hutch. He was hunched almost into a ball and his front two legs were...
  8. allyxoxo

    Odd Behavior

    I have a five and half old female rabbit. Normally she always tries to run out of the cage to play whenever I go to give her food, and I let her run around the house for a few hours before putting her away. She had babies two weeks ago and she’s been feeding them and cleaning them. Today when I...
  9. swarning1222

    Head Tilt

    My 4 year old female rabbit has developed head tilt. It's Friday of course but she is going to the vet first thing Monday but I'm already driving myself crazy thinking of all the terrible causes and outcomes. I first noticed last night when I fed her that she sort of looked at me strange, but...
  10. B

    Need an experienced rabbit vet asap near west Bloomfield mi. For a bad head tilt

    Please can anyone help me find a experienced vet for my rabbit with a severe head tilt and closed Eye. He has only been put on Baytril by vet. We live near west Bloomfield MI. But will drive a little ways maybe up to an hour away if neeed. This is very time sensitive. I need to get him in right...
  11. B

    Help! rabbit has bad head tilt and closed eye

    Hi everyone I am new to this site just joined.... I am in desperate help for my poor rabbit boo boo who has a severe head tilt and closed eye. He developed this over a month ago. I have been going back to the vet many times only to be given Baytril his whole life for every abscess he has...