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  1. bellathebouncingbun

    Bunny ate my hair!

    My bun Bella was left out last night in my bedroom because she wanted to sleep on my bed. This happens a lot and sometimes she’ll sit and “groom” my face and nibble at my baby hairs....... but last night went a bit too far I woke up with a massive chunk of my hair gone! She’s managed to chew...
  2. Gelly

    Mini Rex Grooming?

    Curious how folks groom their rex rabbits. I've heard their skin or fur is sensitive so I'm really not sure what to use...
  3. Bambithebunny

    Bunny bald patch? Irritated please help!!

    Hello everyone! So last friday I was grooming my bunny and I usually pluck out the hair around her tail with my hand. Of course I don't pull too much, just enough to make the already loose hair fall. Anyways I noticed that there was a lot of hair falling out a bit over her left back leg and when...
  4. Kellyann

    Critical care vs Sherwood SAR-ex

    Hi, new member with a support feeding question. My 1.5 yr old rescue angora cross is losing weight. He was great a month ago but he blew out his coat and had lots a hairy poops and slowed down eating hay. He still eats his 1 tbsp of Oxbow pellets every day and 1/2 cup greens(usually dandelions...
  5. Kale Passfield

    Concerns about hair

    I have a lionhead who had a fight with one of my mini rex. Some hair was pulled before I broke it up. Will she regrow the part of her mane back?
  6. C

    Hair and brushing

    we have a lionhead and a long haired lionhead cross. Every morning, they leave hair all over their water dishes. Every time they groom themselves, i worry about hair ingestion and GI problems. Have tried a comb and a cat brush but i never get much hair from doing that. How do people groom their...
  7. M

    Poop in hair close to bottom.

    This is my first rabbit,and i noticed that the hair closed to the rabbits but are stuck together with poop.I have seen it poop and the poop is hard as it should be.My question is,should i let him clean himself or is there a way to clean him my self.