gurgling stomach

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  1. bunnypop

    my bunny has a gurgly tummy?

    whenever i listen to my bun's belly i can hear the soft gurgling, but today it was louder than usual. i could hear it when i was close to him, but not from a distance or anything even in a quiet room. he's still had an appetite for his hay and has been drinking his water, but i wanted to make...
  2. LetaRayn

    Gurgling stomach!

    Hello guys My rabbit has an ear infection and the vet gave him antibiotics shot before 3 days his infection is almost healed but his stomach starts gurgling and making noises after that. I didn't change his diet or gave him anything cause gas or he is taking any medication. But he's fine, he's...
  3. LetaRayn

    Gurgling stomach?

    Hello My eight months bunny his stomach keeps gurgling alot, it's not that loudly but loud enough to hear when it's quiet. He doesn't has any other gas symptoms like pain or grinding his teeth or isolated him self. I didn't change anything in his diet in fact I cut all the treats for three...