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  1. Bobaandbonbon

    I miss you already Boba

    My bunny, Boba, passed away on Wednesday. He was only 3 years old and I feel so so guilty for his death. I had noticed he wasn’t feeling good when I got home and was not as active as usual, and my mom told me that he hadn’t been eating since the morning. I immediately knew this wasn’t a good...
  2. F

    Need advice. Bonded bunny lost her friend

    Hi everyone, Yesterday we had to make the tough decision to put down our bunny due to declining health. He had been drooling and we learned it was a dental issue so got medication for it. Though he lost weight and muscle mass pretty quickly and was not getting better. Before we had to make the...
  3. B

    Devastated over bunny

    Hi all, I lost my 21 month old mini lop, Midnight, on Sunday and I’m heartbroken. Every night I usually give her some greens and sometimes fruit so she can munch on overnight but last Thursday morning I realized she hadn’t touched any of her food. So I thought she had gi stasis because she’s had...
  4. MeganH

    Bun’s ears lying flat on back after loss of her sister

    We lost one of our buns to E Cuniculi a few weeks ago at 3.5 yrs old. Her sister has been going through the grieving process but has been doing pretty okay. She’s eating well and has started binkying as usual when the fresh veg comes out in the morning. And she is soaking up all the extra...
  5. S

    A bonding disaster?

    Hi there, I could do with some advice please. In July I rescued Olive and her long time husbun, and they were very happy (being very much rabbit rabbits, who didnt mind me but i couldnt touch them) until sadly her husbun was stolen nearly 4 weeks ago. Olive was traumatised, and started to...