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  1. Novabunbun15

    GI Stasis

    HELP!! My bunny was diagnosed with Gi Stasis today from the vet after not eating or drinking and barely moving for about 12 hours. They gave us pain meds and CC to syringe feed her but she won’t take the syringe!! Her tummy is very bloated already so it’s hard to mover her plus she already...
  2. Breezekoz

    G.I STASIS??!!

    Hello everyone, My rex bunny isn't acting himself. He did not come to his dish for dinner time, and I can't get him to eat anything. Even his favorite treats. He is normally very active and loves attention. He is just laying in one spot with his head low. I pet him but he isn't really...
  3. Maki_p29

    Help! Bunny very gassy and not eating

    My bunny Hawkeye has been really gassy since 11pm yesterday evening, around 12am I’ve given her baby gas drops and again at 1am, made a slurry of hay pellets/water and pumpkin purée and gave her some gas discomfort tea at room temperature. She has issues with chronic bladder sludge so she is on...
  4. Lesterrose

    GI Stasis

    Hello :) About 6 months ago I unfortunately had terrible experience with GI Stasis, at the time I was a very new rabbit owner and wasn't aware of the risks and my vet at the time was pretty useless when it came to diagnosing so I very sadly lost my little girl! Since this I have been very...
  5. Hartlea

    How to get bunny to drink more water while recovering from Stasis

    Hi! I have an adorable holland lop rabbit who has been dealing with a bout of GI Stasis for about a week now... long story short, it has been a LOOONGG and trying process.... numerous vet trips, etc. His pooping has gotten better (producing more) and a lot of it has fur in it... makes me think...