giant rabbit

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  1. Morchall

    Pokey on the bed

    My roommate brings Pokey into his bedroom every day for personal cuddle/play time with him. (He does this with Gus, too, but Gus is more attached to me, so I am the one who takes him out to play one-on-one more often.) She's done this for a long time with no problems, but recently she's started...
  2. Morchall

    Pokey and Gus

    Hello, I made a couple posts on this forum but then forgot about it for 2 years. I'm back! My name is Morgan and my roommate and I have 2 giant rabbits. They are 3/4 Continental Giant and 1/4 Giant Papillon (checkered giant). The brown female (Pokey) takes more after the conti side while the...
  3. Pokey


    Marker pen sketch of my Continental Giant rabbit, Pokey.
  4. GusGus


    Little sketch I made of my Giant Papillon, GusGus. I drew this in autodesk sketchbook using a really old wacom tablet I've had for about 15 years.