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  1. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Changing pellets

    Hey! What would be the best way to change brand of pellets? Would I just gradually introduce them?
  2. H

    best hay brand

    Hello guys, i wanted to buy hay today and in my country we don’t really have alot of brands to choose from. Is burgess excel hay and pellets good and safe? i have never tried it before. she is eating Gimbi hay and it is mostly yellow so i thought it would be better to try something other than that.
  3. H

    What do i feed my bunny

    Hello guys, i got a new bunny 5 days ago and they told me she is 10 months old. I gave her Timothy hay, lettuce, parsley, dill, coriander, Rocca, cucumber, apple, and orange. She eats well and her poop is fine. Today they called and said she is 4 months old!! Is that okay? can I still feed her...
  4. BunnyHunny17

    Kaytee Brand Food

    Hi everyone!! I think I might've messed up and would appreciate any input. So we're adopting our rabbit, Flower, tomorrow and I bought all of her food and stuff today. I bought her Kaytee brand Timothy hay, Kaytee brand "Food from the Wild" foraging blend pellets (Timmy hay based and has rose...
  5. P

    Is my bunny too young to eat vegetables??

    I got my bunny about 5 days ago. My dad, the one who got me the bunny, said that the breeder he got the bunny from told him to not feed the bunny any vegetables for 2 months. I’m not sure if it’s because my bunny is too young to eat or if it’s because he needs to get used to his environment. My...