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  1. H

    Rabbit flooring

    Hello I have a nearly 5 month old male rabbit, I recently increased the size of his indoor cage to a puppy pen which doesn’t have a floor, I have laminate flooring atm. I put some rodent flooring down and a mat but he just chews them both, he has also urinated on the rodent mat? he is a big...
  2. dejathebun

    Bunny afraid of hardwood floors - Help we are moving!

    Hello all, Thank you for reading my post. My bunny Asa is terrified to walk on hardwood floors. I adopted her 2 years ago and this has always been the case for. her. The problem now is that I am moving to a new condo (Sept 1st) that is only hardwood floors. I will get area rugs but still the...
  3. Dagny

    Hock sores

    My bunny has the very small beginnings of hock sores. Right now 97% of her flooring is carpet. There is a tiny bit of wood area that she does not use very much. Has anyone tried Memory Foam for flooring? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Katie94

    Soft floor cover

    Hello I want to get some flooring for my rabbit pen in the garage as it’s on concrete and I want my bunnies to have somewhere that is softer so they get a break from the cold hard floor. I have previously used interlocking foam mats which were great except my bunnies have always chewed them...
  5. Brie Prsnk


    I guess some could say Biscuit is a carpet enthusiast or lover. He will dig and pull it all up if he could. I'm looking for a cheap, safe material to put under his x-pen. I'm planning on covering it with fleece because he chews a lot and will eat everything more than likely it will be a sheet...
  6. Lindsay Gunn

    Flooring-can fleece make sore hocks worse?

    Hi everyone, my bunny is a four year old Holland lop. He is free roam on hardwood floor so I have interlocking puzzle mats https://www.amazon.com/Forest-Floor...hvlocphy=&hvtargid=pla-4584413735470171&psc=1 prior to the bald spots I just used towels and a rubber with fabric mat...
  7. Floyd2019

    Dilemma about rabbit safe flooring... i don't have any

    So my entire basement is covered in the worst carpet for rabbits ever. Longish fibers that are easy to pull out due to it being old and since its old it probably smells and tastes great for a bunny. My bun has always wanted to pull out the fibers and we have fought and fought over it. He has a...
  8. Aggeliki

    Flooring and hay rack ideas

    Helloo!! So I need FLOORING ideas because right now im using a bed sheet and because my floor is wooden in case he spills his water bowl inside the cage under the bed sheet I am using a nylon sheet (i know it is bad if he swallows it, i am always watching him) and i want to change this nylon...