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  1. crepecrepes

    Will a English Mastiff be safe around my Flemish Giant?

    I've been wanting to get a dog for some time now, particularly an English Mastiff. Do you guys think it would be a good idea?
  2. Keradwyn Incarnadine

    Breeding bonded female? Need advice!!

    Hi. I have 6 rabbits, 5 of which are desexed. My intact female is a gorgeous Flemish Giant who i want to breed when she reaches closer to 1 year old (is currently 6-7 months old). However, she is bonded to a super sweet, relatively harmless male mini rex (only rabbit he has ever actually...
  3. C

    What breed is my Large rabbit!

    Hi i have a beautiful 18 month old Doe rabbit who is the love of my life. I got her when she was 9 weeks thinking she was a Flemish giant bunny that would get over 15lbs however it turns out she's just a "small" girl that is just over 10lbs. When I got her she was the smallest of them all by a...