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  1. Falafelbunny

    Male rabbit changed female rabbit's personality

    Hi! This the first time I post here, as I failed to find answers to my question online and am hoping somebunny can shed some light on it. I have a 1 year and 4 months rabbit who didn't change much after being fixed, except for succeeding at potty training and not circling/mounting everything...
  2. A

    Questions for Breeding Rabbits

    My buck and doe have just bonded (at least I'm pretty sure they have) and I wanted to know if my buck would breed with another doe even if he is bonded to the doe I have now. (I had no intention of bonding them, I just wanted to let them play together since they're still not adults. I didn't...
  3. T

    She peed on her back feet

    My boyfriends female bunny, Penny, has been lazy all day today. She didn't eat her food this morning, which is very unusal for her. From 4:30-8:30pm she sat in one spot and when she finally moved, I went to check on her. Under her tail, bum, and feet were covered in pee. I cleaned her bum as...
  4. R

    One neutered female and one not.

    So Rexy-Roo our female rabbit was neutered on Thursday and has been inside in her play pen recovering. We have another female rabbit Mrs Bunnykins who in not neutered as we couldn’t afford to have them done at the same time! Mrs Bunnykins will be neutered at the end of the month. We’ve kept...