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  1. L

    Doe Pulling Fur 11 Days Early

    We have a doe who is 20 days into her pregnancy. She started pulling fur like crazy as well as hay stashing. We started thinking it was a false pregnancy since it’s way too early. But all the articles I have read say 16-18 days is the length of false pregnancies and she is day 20. But we still...
  2. sn.valdivia

    False Pregnancy and Destroying Carpet!!!

    My rabbit is 3 years old and has lived alone since I adopted her at 8 weeks. For about 2 years, she lived in my fenced-in backyard (safe, suburban area in south Florida; no predators) and experienced her first false pregnancy in Winter of 2018. All I noticed was that she had torn up the fire-pit...
  3. M

    Bunny depressed after false pregnancy?

    Hey, first time rabbit owner here. Can rabbits get depressed after a false pregnancy? I have a lion head mix female a year and few months old now. I rescued her from someone who kept her in a small cage and she is free roam in a couple rooms now. she has been happy and sassy and bossy for a...
  4. bellathebouncingbun

    False pregnancy advice needed !

    My beautiful baby Bella is now fully matured and she’s had her first (what I think is) false-pregnancy. Was cleaning out the hutch today and noticed a huge wad of her fur in the corner of the ‘hidden room’ in the hutch. It’s the darkest area in the hutch and is sheltered from light and very...