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  1. L

    Doe Pulling Fur 11 Days Early

    We have a doe who is 20 days into her pregnancy. She started pulling fur like crazy as well as hay stashing. We started thinking it was a false pregnancy since it’s way too early. But all the articles I have read say 16-18 days is the length of false pregnancies and she is day 20. But we still...
  2. S

    False Pregnancy and Destroying Carpet!!!

    My rabbit is 3 years old and has lived alone since I adopted her at 8 weeks. For about 2 years, she lived in my fenced-in backyard (safe, suburban area in south Florida; no predators) and experienced her first false pregnancy in Winter of 2018. All I noticed was that she had torn up the fire-pit...
  3. rabbitlover2019

    false nest building

    Hello every body :( My rabbit is showing false breeding(Pseudopregnancy ). Absolutely she is not pregnant. She is not Spayed. Today she started nest building and pulling her fur. Also she Fart and jump on my face. How long this may last and how can i help her? better to be caged or not?