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  1. chofamily

    Dwarf Hotot jumped over 3’ enclosure wall

    Hello! I need some advice. Please advise what we can do to keep the Dwarf Hotot within the walls of the enclosure. Also, if we trim down his nails (still safe length) to be closer to the quick, will he be less likely to go on the tile? The newest member of our family is a 4-month old dwarf...
  2. Alfredo's Mum

    Housing two rabbits in seperate enclosures

    Hi I'm new to this forum and just wanted to gain some knowledge of how to house two rabbits. I currently have my boy bunny Alfredo (5 months) housed in a large x penned area in a room. Since he is nearing his neutering my partner and I have been seriously looking into getting him paired with a...