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  1. Haru the Lionhead

    Bunny eating poop

    Guys my bunny just pooped, normal poop, the one we see everywhere not the ones that they usually eat. And she ate it!! Is that okay? why would she do that!
  2. juki.ring

    Cute rabbit eats in the my garden

    Hi everyone My child is playing with my rabbit
  3. ILikeBigBuns

    Bunny eating less than usual

    Hello! My bun is about 5-6 months old. Around 3-4lbs. In the morning I give him romaine hearts and in the evening a 1/2 cup pellets. He has always loved romaine and would chow down the moment I filled his bowl. The past few days he has been eating less and less of it. It used to be gone before...
  4. Milyvan

    Spanish Moss

    Is Spanish Moss safe for our furfriends? I've looked around and haven't found an answer anywhere! For those who may not know, it's not actually a moss: I guess it's more related to pineapple plants. Here's a Wiki link: I have my own "pet" Spanish...