ear infection

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  1. Miffythebun

    Ear mites???? HELP!

    Hi guys, So I just noticed my bunny Wookiee seems to be missing lots of fur around his ears and his neck (check photos) I’ve never really noticed this before but he does haves long lion head mane! I’ve then put together that over the past few months he has been moulting ALOT, like fur...
  2. C

    11 week mini lop ear infection

    Hi, I recently purchased a baby mini lop from a breeder. He is 11weeks old now but I’ve only had him a week. Last night he went weird and started shaking his head, running circles and falling over. His eyes were twitching crazily so I obviously panicked and took him to an emergency vet within an...
  3. jamsbuns


    What is this?
  4. equipix

    Head Tilt

    I know this is a common thread :( My almost 7 yr old giant flemish's head tilt started much the same as everyone's stories on here. I got him to an emergency vet the day he showed symptoms. She ran lots of blood work and began treatment right away with antibiotics for ear infection, e-coniculi...
  5. Laur94x

    Worried about my 8 month old rabbits ear

    We have Poppy since she was 16 weeks and her health was generally fine. She eats well,poops and pees as normal and is very playful and gentle. The past two or three days I noticed she has a small bit of hair missing on her ear. When I moved the hair there was scratch like marks. She grooms her...
  6. Tony Max Nance

    Rabbit having either seizures or nightmares!!!

    We have a 2+ yo male half Rex/half wild rabbit. For the second time/two days in a row he has woken up from sleep thrashing about and kind of writhering. It has "passed" after about 2 mins. both times and he's NOT postictal, (in other words, he's not groggy, confused or "out of it"). After a few...