dwarf hotot

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  1. Heather&BunCrew

    Chronic GI Stasis- Stress Induced?

    My approx. 6-year-old velveteen/dwarf hotot/who-knows-what-else rescued bun, Toby, has been getting GI stasis regularly for almost 2 years now. He gets fed a great diet of a wide range of greens, fruit treats, Small Pet Select pellets (great quality), Oxbow orchard grass hay, and even a daily...
  2. BunnyCrazy

    Lops and a Tot❤

    I have never done anything like this before so I'm pretty clueless. I think I'm mostly writing this to calm myself down because something super awesome should happen soon!!!! Ok, I'll start from the beginning. I am Clara and I have five rabbits (for now:) Three Holland Lops, Sandy, Patty and...