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  1. Kora

    Young rabbit diet?

    I’m getting a young (I think 2 months old) rabbit soon, and I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to need to feed her, as everything I see or read tells me different things. I’m going to be feeding her Oxbow Young Rabbit pellets for sure, as those seem to be the most highly recommended. But how much...
  2. T

    My bunnys behaviour..

    Hey can anybody please give me some tips? I have a mini lop bunny, he's maybe a few months old now. I use to have a female minilop and she was the nicest bunny, was fine with her relatively small hutch as she got heaps of run around time. Always cuddly, playful and never ever bit or scratched...
  3. cosmoluna

    How old should my bunny be to start feeding treats?

    Hi all (: I just was wondering when I can start feeding my young bunny treats! I have oxbow baked treats (strawberry and banana) made with hay. How long should I wait before giving her any? She’s 3 month old right now.
  4. V

    My bunny is not a hay eater

    Hi all, my nearly one year old male neutered Holland Lop, Mookie, barely eats his hay. When I originally got him at about 6 weeks he did, but gradually he just stopped. He does eat his high fiber pellets, and I round out his diet with leafy greens daily (mostly celery leaves). I have him...
  5. Sir Charles Marble

    Why do we need to moderate the consumption of specific Green leafy veges?

    Hi guys, New to the forum , first time bunny owner (minilop 6 weeks). I was doing some research on here to determine the amount/ type of food I should be feeding my bunny fear I may be getting him fat. A pinned post by NorthernAutumn (thank you)...
  6. Kate7654

    Introducing a older rabbit to hay.

    I just got a new rabbit from a breeder and she doesn’t feed hay to her rabbits. I’m wondering how would I start to introduce hay to her?
  7. K

    New Bun help (Diet and Bonding)

    Hello! So I recently adopted a non-neutered male bun named Spot on the 4th of July and I already had a female rabbit, Ipa, which i got spayed last year. Unfortunately Spots previously family had him in a small chicken wire cage and only fed him pellets. Now he has a whole room but is confined to...
  8. Aggeliki

    Unknown bunny age diet *help*

    Hello, I have a question. So I was going to adopt a bunny but my friends got me a bunny from a pet shop (21st of May) he was about 3-4 months ,now I have him for 2 months and I am not sure if he is 5 or 6 months old. I know you need to start vegetables after 6 months old but I am not sure when...
  9. King George

    Herbs for Bunny Kings!

    I am King George's cook, new to my job, and scared of poisoning my sovereign bunny! In the palace kitchen garden we have many herbs and I was wondering which are safe to feed my King ~ or perhaps it is easier to say which are harmful?! Anyway I would not wish to make King George ill for, if I...
  10. Jacob Goldis

    Can my bun have these pellets?

    Hello! I was looking at a local farm's rabbit pellets which they sell for cheaper than store-bought pellets, and was looking to get a second opinion from other fellow rabbit owners! I have been feeding Snowflake the Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Food for practically years now and was wondering...
  11. T

    Blockage in my girl..

    Someone please help me out here. My mini lop rabbit hadn't been eating or pooping. Her stomach had a very hard patch, and was making quiet gurgling sounds when I was massaging her tummy. I was concerned and took her to the only vet available, he told me her stomach had a blockage. He gave her a...
  12. Miffythebun

    Is my rabbits diet okay?

    hello all I’ve researched a lot into rabbit diets and what greens they should be getting but I still don’t know if what I am giving him is right.. Wookiee is a lionhead/Rex and he gets fed twice a day- once in the morning and again before bed. Each time he gets a handful of nature’s touch hay...
  13. aurallibun

    Huge Light Colored Poop

    Hey there. I have two rabbits. I recently saw this big light colored chunky thing in their poo. I felt it and it feels sort of also like poo. I’m very scared. Did they maybe ingest something like plastic? I know for sure this is not cecotropes as that looks very different, but this is not...
  14. N

    Excess Cecotropes When Fed Fresh Veggies!

    Hi Everyone, this is my first post on the forum. I tried to find relavent information elsewhere but was not able to find something for my cecotropes issue! My bunny is a 12 week old Netherland dwarf and I got her 3 weeks ago. She is currently on alfalfa hay and oxbow alfalfa based pellets...
  15. Tinto

    Some stupid questions...

    Sorry guys, I am sure many people asked and replied about this elsewhere but I have several doubts and questions about how to take care of my bunny. If you don't mind, I'd be glad to hear some advice... 1) Everybody says that bunnies need unlimited amount of hay all the time... BUT, what should...
  16. Hoolia

    How Do I Feed My Fat Giant?

    Finally took Gobi to the vet to be weighed and ask for a diet recommendation. He's just a hair over 19lbs and has been free fed about a cup of food 2x daily with his very small mates. They have been maintaining pretty healthy weights, Gobi has just been getting fatter and fatter since he bonded...
  17. Alek

    Skinny rescue bunny

    I'm adopting a friend for Sadie and am supposed to get her tomorrow afternoon. However this bunny friend came from a previously abusive home. The sister of said abuser is bringing her to me because she couldn't stand seeing the bunny being treated badly anymore. The abuser didn't give her proper...
  18. Breezekoz

    Hates Hay Rack!

    Hello Everyone! I have a bunny that I adopted in July, I made him a hay rack just like the one I have for my lop. My lop I got as a baby and he has had no issues with his hay rack. I had no issues with my new rabbit eating out of his hay rack either. However, he started trying to take it off...
  19. I

    Lazy Bun or medical problem?

    So I have a bunny, I'm not too sure of his breed, he's a Californian mix of some sort. Anyways, the past couple of months I've noticed that he lets his bottom get very dirty. It is matted poop, and I have to carefully cut it off. It doesn't take very long for it to get matted back in. I have...