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  1. C

    My mini lop had a litter of 6 dead kits

    Morning, I have woken this morning and first thing I have done is gone to check on my doe. She has a produced a fantastic nest, but sadly her six kits are all dead. They look a bit long and ‘stretched’. I was wondering if this meant she trouble birthing them? Getting them out the birth canal...
  2. V

    Dead kits

    So I've had 2 lionhead dwarfs for quite some time and i bred them twice, first time there were 5 kits, second time 8. I gifted the first 5 and the 8 are healthy and growing. But i recently bought a pair of lop dwarfs, and the day i bought them the guy who sold them to me bred her with his male...
  3. A

    Mother killer her 4wk old baby!

    Hey there, eversince my doe became pregnant she has been aggressive towards me but never her babies. The babies are now 4 weeks old and when I checked on them this morning the doe has attacked and killed one of them. Any ideas on why this might be? They are all seperated from her now until I...
  4. S

    My rabbit died and she had blood around her mouth

    My rabbit Rocky died sometime last night. I found her laying on the ground in this straw hideout we have for her. She was stiff and I instantly knew she was gone. She had blood around her entire face and it looked like the jaw was broken or something. I couldnt see the eyes but maybe they were...
  5. H

    Death of dominate female

    Until yesterday we had two happy female rabbits aged 3. Tragically we found our dominant female Belle had passed away suddenly over night. We’re all devastated but I’m really worried about Blue our remaining bunny as she was the submissive rabbit and although Belle was a bit of a meany sometimes...
  6. Reemy

    Two bunnies died at the same time!!

    I CANNOT BELIVE THIS! About 2 months ago my aunt bought two bunnies from a pet shop. They were so active and cute. They go outside and play daily for a few hours and if they are inside the AC is turned of for them because of the really hot weather in our country. Yesterday she went to the...