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  1. K

    Post OP feeding

    I’m a fairly new rabbit owner and I am at a loss of what to do. I drive quite a distance to go to an exotic vet and I’ve been back there 3 times in the last week. I am exhausted and my bunny is refusing to take critical care. I’ve tried mixing it and mashing it with banana, pumpkin, a little bit...
  2. aquaspiral

    Advice for Bunny who isn't eating

    Hi everyone, My pet bunny, Onigiri, is a lionhead mix, 11 months old and is neutered. Last night he ate his dinner and everything was normal. This morning he had zero interest in his food and did not want his preferred treats, any fruits, veggies, or water. His activity level was about 90%...
  3. Kellyann

    Critical care vs Sherwood SAR-ex

    Hi, new member with a support feeding question. My 1.5 yr old rescue angora cross is losing weight. He was great a month ago but he blew out his coat and had lots a hairy poops and slowed down eating hay. He still eats his 1 tbsp of Oxbow pellets every day and 1/2 cup greens(usually dandelions...
  4. stmaple

    Daily Critical Care for bunny with reoccuring stasis issues

    Hello! My bunny Maple first had GI stasis at the end of July. After recovering, his health was back to normal. Over the past month, he's had 3-4 episodes where he's stopped eating and acted very lethargic for a few hours at a time. I've taken him to the vet twice with little answers as to why...
  5. J

    PLEASE HELP! Urgent. Pregnant doe

    hi everyone. I’m very stressed out. I woke up to finding a large amount of blood in my pregnant doe’s cage two days ago, so I thought that the kits were arriving that day. She has not given birth yet & she has stopped eating. What does this mean??? I brought her to the emergency vet today and...