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  1. elentari

    Scary Moment Last Night/Early Morning

    So I thought I'd share my Great Big Terrifying Ordeal that I had with my bunny earlier, in the hopes that if someone is going through the same thing they can find this post and figure out if the situation is similar or where to go from there, if it's not. Information and awareness ya know...
  2. M

    Constipation please help

    hi guys, so I posted the other day about my 10 week old bunny being constipated. I took her to the vet yesterday who put her on a motility medication. But it’s been 24 hours and she’s still acting the same. She literally gets so constipated and will not poop before 3pm. She’ll be kind of...


    Henlo My bunny is a 5 month old, male Netherland Dwarf. He often has some problems with digestion - usually having very soft stools or diarrhea (which I took him to the vet for and he’s been pretty well ever since.) He’s had no problems the past week or so and then yesterday evening after having...