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  1. C

    Rabbit trying to eat his sister's poop?

    I have two rabbits, brother (K) and sister (R)! K was sniffing around Rs bum and she didn't like that, then they ran around for a bit sniffing(?) eachothers bums. After about a minute of this I then see R eating her soft poops and K was trying to take these from her mouth and then was at her bum...
  2. allyxoxo

    Baby Bunnies Fur

    My doe had babies and she cannot nurse them because that caused her to get ill, which means I have been syringe feeding them formula. I use KMR milk with heavy cream for them, but for two of the babies they make a mess and the milk/formula gets all over their fur. I try to rinse it off but they...
  3. allyxoxo

    Odd Behavior

    I have a five and half old female rabbit. Normally she always tries to run out of the cage to play whenever I go to give her food, and I let her run around the house for a few hours before putting her away. She had babies two weeks ago and she’s been feeding them and cleaning them. Today when I...
  4. C

    Need advice!

    Hello, I recently found out that one of my 4 rabbits was actually a boy instead of what we thought was a girl. 2 of the rabbits are girls and 1 fixed boy. Everyone told and agreed that he was a girl. Anyways so we found out that he was a boy and we think that at least 1 of our 2 female rabbits...
  5. M

    Help!!!! I'm at my wits end.

    I am at a complete loss with my rabbit. :( He's a large 2 year old rabbit that I rescued about 5 or so weeks ago. I adored him when I saw him, and I still do, but I don't know if I can carry on caring for him. He had no history of abuse, and was healthy when put in a shelter, so I don't...
  6. Bogumiła

    Lost new 3 bunny owner :0/

    Do female rabbits get along with others before getting spayed? My 4 month old boy was neutered a month ago, but he’s still into humping :0/ my 2 month old unspayed girl. He started to hump her head, then she tried to hump his butt, she was squeaking lound when he tried to hump her, but...