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  1. Simochi

    Lionhead breeding colour question! Help picking a sire.

    Hey, everyone. Totally new here, but I was looking around trying to figure out what lionhead colour(s) are best for breeding with my fawn lionhead, Penelope What the possible outcomes are and what are strong choices, I was hoping to lean away from trying to breed just fawn bunnies. I want a...
  2. JazzPizzazz

    What colour?

    Hey there! I am new to this forum website, but I joined because I have been wondering about the colour of my Netherland Dwarf. I bought her from a breeder who bred very unique Netherland Dwarves. They have bred these rabbits since they bought a white doe with blue eyes. Here’s Jazz:
  3. ashlea

    Breeding rabbit colours.

    I am trying to learn about the dominate colours in mini lop rabbits. We have a seal point male (left) We are thinking of breeding him and wondering what colours he will throw. I know he has vienna and harlequin in his background. Looking at the orange broken butterfly colours, seal...