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  1. J

    Coccidia treatment help!

    Hi all, I'm hoping to get some answers about coccidiosis. I took my bunnies in last Friday to get a nail trim, and the tech noticed a few poops stuck to Bilbo's bum and asked if I wanted them to get it off and do a fecal test while they were at it. I said sure not expecting to be told he has...
  2. Floyd2019

    Fecal Test Results have left me unsure

    So Floyd's fecal test results came back and are negative for parasites and coccidia and everything... I've heard they aren't always accurate but don't have another 200$$ to spend again so we have to go with those results. Now I don't know what to do because he still has issues with his fecal...
  3. Floyd2019

    Coccidia or Megacolon? Looking for info/opinions/advice

    Ok so still waiting on results from the fecal test i sent in for my bun a couple days ago. Not sure how long it'll be. I have been researching since then and have my suspicions about coccidia... i am going to post pics. His poop goes like this soft mush a lot and the last time it randomly turned...
  4. D

    Help! I need advice for a sick bunny with weird behavior! Not sure what to do!

    I have cared for sick bunnies before, but this is different. We have a rabbit savvy vet who has years of experience in both her practice as well as in rescues. She seems even stumped at this one. Ginger was diagnosed first with GI stasis. Then after they were able to get a poo sample, they...
  5. D

    Coccidia - Any tips on caring for our bunny?

    We have three rabbits total, but they all have their own separate living spaces in our home. Our little gal, Ginger, has not been acting like herself after this most recent heat wave. We have tried to keep our living room space very cool, but even on the worst day, with our central air running...