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  1. S.geezy

    Bunny Choking on Food

    Hi all! My Winston, who is a 7 year old holland lop has a problem. He gets papaya pieces everyday to help with hairballs. He first choking episode was with these. Granted the are large so i have been breaking them into small pieces and hes choked maybe once or twice in the past few months. Now...
  2. AmandaCat

    Is this normal?

    I just gave my mini lop his pellets, and he went to scarf them down like he usually does. After about 30 seconds, he jumped into his litter box and just jumped from side to side over and over, and then he made this loud gagging sound. He made the same sound again a few seconds later and just a...
  3. Z

    Anyone has experience with recovery after choking?

    Background: My 2 y.o. girl choked two nights ago after eating some pellets. After a stasis episode this spring with another bunny, we decided to reduce their pellets to the bare minimum so they get enough fiber. However, that made them get really really excited when eventually they would get...
  4. Harrison

    Bun deteriorating from lower respiratory infection/aspiration pneumonia/pulmonary edema

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has dealt with post-aspiration treatments for their buns and what, if anything helped. Yesterday my 3 yr old bun choked for the second time. We had to perform the bunny Heimlich on her and continue to clear away the mucousal nasal discharge. As soon as she...
  5. Gretheo

    View these X-RAYS? Funny sounds while breathing after choking incident.

    *Long Post* Our girl choked on pellets on Jan 2, 2019. She sounded like she was vomiting but we knew rabbits don't really do that. She hid behind the couch then was running frantically around, putting her nose in the air, pawing at her nose and face, snotting with lots of phlegm bubbling from...
  6. J

    My rabbit CAN'T eat timothy hay

    My bun sacchiin has been choking on her hay for the last few weeks I perform the rabbit Heimlich to get her airway open again the strange thing is she only chokes on her timothy hay. her teeth seem to be fine she can drink and eat leafy greens no problem she isnt hurt nor does she have any...