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    Marathon bonding boys

    Hello, I am working on a bonding process that does not seem to have much in the way of advice online or through my research. I hope folks could share their insight with me. I have a 5 year old neutered rabbit named Wendell and I decided to try to get him a companion. I contacted a local rescue...
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    Bunny chasing after petting?

    Hello everyone, Let me start off by giving some background info on my bunnies and their living situation. Ringo (male) and Oreo (female) have been bonded since they were 10weeks old. I have now had them for 2.5 years. They have only broken their bond once when they were both spayed/ neutered...
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    New cat chases rabbits - how can I stop her?

    I've adopted a new cat. She's about two years old and very playful. But she chases my rabbits (both adult, but small rabbits)and they are terrified and I am obviously not going to let this happen. She clearly considers them prey to play with, even if she wouldn't hurt them (I don't know that she...
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    Rabbit chasing feet

    Hi everyone, Harvey and I just moved from my parent's house, where he spent the days outdoors, to an apartment. He has made the transition to living in a house very well. He uses his litter box consistently and hasn't been chewing the furniture so far. We've gotten closer spending more time...
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    8yr Old Male Rabbit In Heat

    I know male rabbits don’t go into “heat” but that’s the best way to describe his behavior. He is not neutered as I adopted him when he was 6 and the vet said he was too old to have the surgery. He lives with a spayed female rabbit that he has been bonded with for over 2 years now and in the...