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  1. Grace12345

    Smaller buck with larger doe?

    I recently purchased a new Florida white buck not realizing the considerable size differences between him (5-7lbs) and my New Zealand X California does. Does anyone have any experience with this and know if I will be able to successfully breed them?
  2. B

    Unspayed >1 year old female rabbit needs new home in Sacramento, California

    https://www.rabbitsonline.net/threads/2-bonded-rabbits-need-a-new-home-in-sacramento-california.92913/ Please read this post for context if you're wondering why I never spayed her... Her companion died a few hours ago. I'm not able to spay her. I won't charge anything as long as you prove to...
  3. B

    2 bonded rabbits need a new home in Sacramento, California

    https://ibb.co/hj9jW9 https://ibb.co/gZbv4U Here's pictures for the two. One black furred American neutered 4 year old male, and one approximately 1 year old brown and white unspayed female rabbit of an unknown breed. They're bonded together and I absolutely will not separate them. I love...
  4. chlocbfkgj

    NZ/California Cross

    Yesterday, we went and bought four NZ/California Crosses. It was said to be that they were 8-10 weeks but the smallest we have now is able to fit in one of our hands and we’re not sure if that’s her current age frame or not. We’ve never dealt with this breed before and I wanted to ask more...