calcium excess

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  1. Helen Thomas

    Bladder Sludge - Low Calcium Diet Recommendations??

    My 6yr old mini-lop has been having on-going issues with bladder sludge which started in lasted Nov. At that time I took out all high calcium greens ie spinich & kale from his diet and replaced with grass and weeds with approx 6 pellets every other day. He's been fine up until last week when I...
  2. Allen Wrider

    Please help!!! What's the best way to get rid of sludge?

    My husband, unbeknownst to me, brought home a flake of alfalfa hay and promptly over-mixed it into the rabbits' Timothy hay bin about a week and a half ago. He's been feeding them lately, because of my demanding work schedule, and when I went to clean their boxes and living quarters today, I...