bunny bad behavior

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  1. allyxoxo

    Rabbits dug holes in carpet

    Hello! So my precious rabbits have dug up holes in the corners of the carpet in my apartment. I’ve been looking for ways to repair it so I don’t get charged for it when leaving in the next month and a half. Anyone have any suggestions how to fix it that isn’t super expensive? Thank you!
  2. Snowball_101

    Dangerous Behavior Around Hay Rack!

    So basically I have this hay rack that hangs at the side of my bunny's cage. Snowball likes to pull out clumps of hay and leave it on his bedding, making a huge mess. However, today Snowball seemed to be a lot more aggressive. He/She began to pull on the hay rack, causing it to fall twice...
  3. AmyA33

    Please help! My bunny pees on me and my couch!!

    Help!!! Good morning to all, I am brand new here and also a first time bunny owner. I did tons of research before getting my bun and thought I knew how to make him happy and healthy. I originally planned to let my bun free roam after I litter trained him. I put hay/pellets in one end of his...