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  1. M

    I don’t know the color???

    My holland lop gave birth almost 2 months ago and she has a baby that was pink with blue spots at birth and now he is what looks like an orange color but with blue markings on his nose and ears and I can’t tell his color at all. If he was orange he wouldn’t have blue I would think. He’s not dark...
  2. Haru the Lionhead

    bunny stays in cage all the time

    Hey guys i had my bunny for a month now and as I said before every day she does something new so I don’t really know what’s normal for her and what’s not. But she used to get very excited to get out of the cage and she would run like crazy and binkies all the time. Now.. she eats well and...
  3. tayler

    just a question about playing with my rabbit

    is it okay/good/healthy to play with your bun? for example my 3 month old bun acts like a puppy i let him run on my bed and he popcorns all over the place and comes up asking for attention like he wants something, how do i interact with him in this instance
  4. A

    Baby Rabbit Screaming

    I have five baby rabbits that are fourteen days old now, and while the mom was feeding them one of the babies started screaming so I took the mom away and checked all of them and they were all okay and moving fine. One baby opened their eyes for the first time at that moment too, so I’m not sure...
  5. LavenderLopLover

    What age is Junior Rabbits(Holland Lops)

    I'm new to rabbits i know that a senior is over 6 months and a junior is under 6 months but what age do they become a junior exactly?