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  1. T

    Hard bumps on rabbits back

    Hi I’m new to this site and I needed some help as I can’t find anything online about what my bunny has. My little girl is 8 weeks and I noticed she has quite a few hard bumps on her back that are under her skin. It like bone but it’s very sharp and I know it’s not her bones. There are two or...
  2. elentari

    Pimple/Cyst Like Bump Under Rabbit's Eyes.

    So my rabbit has these two little bumps a few centimetres under both her eyes, and I don't know if they're new, or I just somehow never noticed them before and they're natural for rabbits to have. Anyway, they feel relatively similar in size/same placement, they're kind of like semi hard bumps...
  3. L

    Lumps on rabbit

    Today I came to my rabbit and he was not active and just laying in the corner when usually he is very active and hyper. He has had GI stasis a few times but has recovered with baby simethicone so I gave him some just to be safe but I dont know if that's the problem this time. I picked him up and...