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  1. F


    Hello! I am looking to gain more information on the care of English angora rabbits- do you have products your recommend and resources you recommend to read.
  2. M

    Exclusively hay eating rabbit producing excessive cecotropes

    Hi everyone, My mini lop Bambi is five months old, and he's just been desexed. Ever since we took him home at 8 weeks, he's made an excessive amount of cecotropes. For this reason, we've had him exclusively on oaten hay which he loves and eats plenty of. He's been dewormed, and had anti...
  3. J

    Age females stop conceiving....

    So I ran into an issue last night. I purchased a rabbit from someone who claims they had lots of experience with rabbits and was sure that this rabbit I was purchasing was a female. I already have an unspayed female at home so I was hoping that I could give my Thumper a friend for while I am...
  4. cosmoluna

    Trying to mount, turns into a tornado?

    Hi- so after 2 months of bonding through an X pen, I have been reintroducing my two fixed bunnies after my female was spayed. They went 24 hours together free roaming with no fighting, lots of grooming, cuddling, and binkying, but last night my female started trying to mount my male since she is...
  5. cosmoluna

    bunny digging at other bunny after spay?

    hi all- so yesterday morning my bunny luna got spayed. before this, luna and cosmo (male) would free roam in my room 24/7 together happily with no fighting for around 3 months. just grooming, cuddling, and playing. when luna returned from surgery, she was really cold all over and i had to stay...
  6. L

    Bonded Bucks?

    My family just adopted 2 rabbits. One is a 3 year old mini-lop and the other is a 1.5 year old holland lop. They are both males and they are not neutered yet they were considered a 'bonded pair' at the rescue. We have plans to get them neutered but with the cost and the limited vets in our area...
  7. Kate7654

    Can I move a pregnant doe?

    I have a doe that’s just turned 3. She hasn’t been breed in 7 months. I live in Minnesota and winters are so cold and my rabbits stay in the garage in the winter witch keeps adults warm enough but not young kits. I would like to Breed my doe before winter sets in but, we are switching her into a...
  8. Shannon Watson

    6 Month Old Mini Rex Buck!!!

    I am very sad to be writing this post, but it has to be done. We are moving into an apartment due to sudden financial issues with my boyfriend and I. We are the parents of a six month old broken castor mini rex buck, and we are unable to take him with us. He has been handled daily and is very...
  9. Shannon Watson

    First Time Breeder Looking For Tips!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to RabbitsOnline and to breeding as well. I've been around rabbits all my life, and I currently have a 14 week old mini Rex buck. Our vet has told us he is perfect for breeding when he's a little older, but I've never bred rabbits before. My boyfriend is super excited to...
  10. Zoe Franchino

    Need help with my show bunny

    Hi all! So about two months ago I picked up a bunny that I plan to use for 4H. He’s a two year old Netherland Dwarf buck, and has been shown before and done really really well in his classes. Tonight, for the first time ever, I picked him up and attempted to pose him. It didn’t go very well. He...
  11. Zoe Franchino

    Thoughts on my Netherland Dwarf’s conformation?

    2 year old black otter Netherland Dwarf buck Couldn’t exactly get him posed as we’re still working on him allowing me to touch him Hopefully this picture will be okay anyway
  12. Zoe Franchino

    My bunny doesn’t like to be touched?

    Hi everyone! I got my first bunny about a week ago, so I’m pretty new to this rabbit business. He’s a two year old Netherland Dwarf buck. I adopted him from a breeder (I was friends with the breeder, she passed away and her daughter is liquidating her bunny barn, and offered me a bunny. I know...
  13. D

    Crypthorchid male rabbit with possible testicular cancer

    Hi all, I have an 8ish year old crypthorchid male bunny and he wasn't feeling too well over the weekend and was taken to the vet this morning for a check as I suspected he was having a bout of gi stasis, and besides the heat stroke he apparently had (and was treated for and doing much better...
  14. H

    Buck stops mounting halfway through breeding.

    So I’m trying to breed my two holland lops and it started well but my buck stops mounting the doe when he has already started going. I’ve checked both of my rabbits ahead of time and they are both in fine health, also the doe’s vulva is dark pink so she should be at the right time to breed...
  15. C

    Bunnies Fighting!!

    Hello! I need help! I have 2 holland bucks that I rescued from a hoarding situation that are 5 months old now. Both were neutered 3 weeks ago. When I first got them at 8 (ish) weeks, there was a scuffle during a "bunny date" that resulted in a bleeding ear. I eased up on the bonding for a week...
  16. L

    Peeing on the mattress :(

    Luigi is a neutered male lop (neutered for exactly one month now) and I know the hormones won't be completely gone until after 6-8 weeks post-neuter, but I'm at my wit's end. He is perfectly litter trained and knows exactly where to go (his cage) when he needs to use the toilet. These are...
  17. Katelyn

    Will these colors work?

    hi I have raised rabbits since I was about 10 but have always done castor mini Rex. Recently I got into broken tort and I purchased one broken otter buck. He ended up winning several shows and I wanted to use him for breeding. I have a GC broken tort doe, but am worried the colors will conflict...
  18. Katelyn

    Will he be disqualified

    I have a sr broken tort buck I’m taking to 4-H fair tonight. He has never had cage sores because I check, but he has these weird almost calloused spots on his back feet. Will these make him be disqualified or should I even take him? Any help would be great
  19. A

    Questions for Breeding Rabbits

    My buck and doe have just bonded (at least I'm pretty sure they have) and I wanted to know if my buck would breed with another doe even if he is bonded to the doe I have now. (I had no intention of bonding them, I just wanted to let them play together since they're still not adults. I didn't...
  20. Fran & Gabriel

    Cryptorchid Bun (undescended testicles) spay or not spay?

    Hello everybody, my little netherland dwarf Gabriel (6 months old) has undescended testicles. I have no problem with his behaviour ( he doesn't hump or spray urine) and he is the only rabbit in the house. I was wondering if removing the testicles is still necessary, I'd rather not risk a complex...