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  1. A

    Please please help me quick

    Please help me My brother stomped accidentally on my rabbit while he is laying on the floor but not too hard because he removed his foot as soon as he saw him My rabbit run while Limping a little, he cough a few times and hide. I tried to reach him to know if any thing happened to him but he...
  2. Gatsby & Co

    Brown liquid on bunnies' litter pan

    I'm cleaning my bunnies' litter pan and I notice some red/brown liquid. Doesn't 100% appear to be blood. Image following...
  3. Katelyn

    Will he be disqualified

    I have a sr broken tort buck I’m taking to 4-H fair tonight. He has never had cage sores because I check, but he has these weird almost calloused spots on his back feet. Will these make him be disqualified or should I even take him? Any help would be great
  4. Trinity VanNornam

    Broken leg

    I have rabbit with a broken leg and I bet wrapped it myself to help him heal and I was wondering if anyone knew how long it took to heal a broken leg