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  1. Bumble Bunny

    How did you start breeding rabbits?

    I'm honestly just curious on how some of you went about setting up a breeding practice, either for a hobby or income or other. I'd love to start my own some day, of course when I have the space, money, and time to do so. How did some of you start? What's your story? Any legal routes you had to...
  2. L

    Does anyone know any good books for Lionhead breeders?

    There was a really good book I heard of a while ago that helped explain the genetics of Lionhead rabbits and how to breed them successfully, but I forgot it’s name. I believe it was by the ARBA, but I’m not sure. It was supposedly really informative for beginners. Does this sound familiar to...
  3. L

    How to find NewZealand rabbits for sale??

    Hello, I am new to this site for a while. I joined because I want to buy a rabbit, but I have never owned a rabbit before, and I don't know anyone who has either. It's very difficult to find out information, and know what I am doing correctly. After researching like crazy I decided I wanted a...
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