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  1. M

    Malnourished or worse?

    3 months ago we neutered our rabbit . He opened the wound though and it got inflamed so the vet put him on antibiotics without any probiotics which messed up his digestive system. We noticed it was bad only after it got really bad... He lost a lot of weight since he wasn't eating, we took him to...
  2. M

    Help! Acting Strange

    I woke up this morning to find my rabbit appearing normal. I let her out and she hides in one of her boxes. Normally she sits with me while I have coffee. The past two hours she won't come out of her small box. I checked her ears, they aren't cold... She is breathing a little heavy. I got her to...
  3. allyxoxo

    Odd Behavior

    I have a five and half old female rabbit. Normally she always tries to run out of the cage to play whenever I go to give her food, and I let her run around the house for a few hours before putting her away. She had babies two weeks ago and she’s been feeding them and cleaning them. Today when I...
  4. A

    Bunnies breathing fast

    I have three bunnies, two holland lops and a Netherland dwarf. The holland lops have a cage in their own room and I noticed that lately when they are sitting or laying down they are breathing really fast, almost like shaking a little bit. I know it’s normal when they are running around and...
  5. V

    Help? My bunny is breathing too fast

    I've had my bun for over eight years now and he's a little bit older than that, I got him when he was about two or three (the previous owners didn't know). Today, he was running around for a little while and I noticed him breathing strangely. I picked him up to see if he was ok and I heard him...
  6. lola the lionhead

    loud breathing

    my bunny breathes really loud. every breath is almost like a squeak/ kind of grunt or some kind of really loud wheezing? she used to do it occasionally but lately it has got much worse. when i stroke just above her nose and she breathes in, it’s almost like bones crunching too. this may be...
  7. B

    Rabbit wheezing and sneezing without discharge?

    Here is a video of the weird noises my rabbit is making. Two days ago I noticed he'd grunt and even growl a little every time I got close to him, and just a few minutes ago I noticed him wheezing. He can't take a single normal breath. I don't think it's snuffles because I can't see any discharge...