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  1. immielly

    my two bunnies don't clean themselves? pls help me!

    i have two buns, i don't know much about where they come from since my stepfather got them for me. when we got them they had pee stains on their feet but i thought that was normal since they are all white and they were really really small. i got them back in may and i have learned alot and from...
  2. Joscelyn Owens

    My bunny has a poopy Bottom. Why?

    I'm so worried about my rabbit. He has had this problem for a long time. I wash him and try to cut it off, but it's such a hassle. He runs,grunts, and tries to bite me. I'm worried I'm hurting him, but idk what else to do. He cant sit and holds his butt up. I thought I got it all off but maybe...
  3. M

    Poop in hair close to bottom.

    This is my first rabbit,and i noticed that the hair closed to the rabbits but are stuck together with poop.I have seen it poop and the poop is hard as it should be.My question is,should i let him clean himself or is there a way to clean him my self.