bonding male and female

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  1. Morchall

    Help with late bonding giant rabbits?

    My roommate and I have two 2 year old giant rabbits. We have had them since they were around 3-4 months old. We originally brought our female home with another litter mate and they got along really well. Unfortunately, the male passed away after a few weeks. For about a month, our female did not...
  2. emmaskye


    Hello everyone! I was planning on getting another bunny, however it’s still a maybe. I currently have a male Holland lop who is neutered, if I was planning on getting a female, who I know will have to stay in a separate x-pen until they are bonded, would I have to spay her before eventually...
  3. X

    Bonding unneutered and unspayed bunnies- for breeding

    Hello! I have a female, unspayed bunny for the past couple of months now and a week ago I got a male, unneutered bunny. I’ve researched online and it gave numerous advice and recommendations such as switching them from each others’ cage to get used to their scent, letting them eat beside each...
  4. Mrs641

    Introducing a new rabbit

    I’ve had my rabbit Penny since Nov, and just today brought home my new bunny named Benjamin. I waited a while to put them together, everything was going good until he started to mount her. He was neutered 5 weeks ago (Penny has also been spayed), could this still be hormonal, or is this a...