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  1. T

    Neutered male rabbit becoming overly hormonal again

    Hi! I have 2 rabbits (Male and Female). They’re both free roam and both littler trained. The Female is about to turn 2 and the male is around 8/9 years. (I’m unsure of his age as he was adopted as an older bunny and they told me he was about 7 but I’ve had him for 3 years not and he’s very...
  2. chibibun

    Rebonding father and son

    We have 3 sweet rabbits in total, mother, father an son. Mother and son are neutered, father is yet to be neutered. We've had to seperate the father and son as they have faught a couple times when put together (before the son was neutered), although they used to get along just fine. Today we...
  3. Alfredo's Mum

    Housing two rabbits in seperate enclosures

    Hi I'm new to this forum and just wanted to gain some knowledge of how to house two rabbits. I currently have my boy bunny Alfredo (5 months) housed in a large x penned area in a room. Since he is nearing his neutering my partner and I have been seriously looking into getting him paired with a...
  4. EmilyJayneHarlow


    I’m getting another bunny this week, and I’m going to be slow bonding them I’m going to split my room in half so the pens are side by side Do they have to stay in the pens 24/7 or am I able to bring one down at a time for exercise?
  5. K

    How to bond two female bunnies?

    Hello, This is a very serious concern for me. I have a Netherland dwarf bunny female named Koko, who is a little over a year old. My family has been planning on bringing a new bunny home so Koko could have a friend. But we haven't been able to do that because everyone was so busy. However...
  6. BunnyLandia

    Pairing 1 month old bunny with much older rabbit

    Hi guys, so About 3 months ago I bought an adult female rabbit from the flea market. Her names pancake. Last week I decided to buy a 1 month old lionhead male bunny. When I put them together, my female rabbit pancake always lunges at the new bunny, growls and attacks him. I am a new rabbit owner...
  7. K

    How to bond?

    So, I'm a new bunny owner. I bought all the necessities for her and now, I want to try bonding with her. I know I have to patience and take things slow. She puts her head down each time I lift my hand up. I feel like she's allowing me to pet her, well I hope so. Do bunnies like to be petted...
  8. B

    Bringing in a new mate after a death

    Hello all. I have a 3.5yr old cage free indoor male dwarf lionhead named Buddy. yesterday, we lost our dear sweet Olivia, a 3yr old Holland lop. She was on critical care for a few days due to overgrown teeth caused a weight loss. She was bringing the weight back on and being an amazingly sweet...