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  1. Cookie-Truffles

    Litter of 7 born today....Need help & advise please

    We rehomed 2 rabbits 10 days ago. They are 11 month old miniature lops brother and sister and not neutered so our plan was to take them on and have them spayed and neutered and then gradually bond them. However we soon realised the doe was pregnant. I asked the woman who we got them from about...
  2. P

    Rabbit gave birth last night but is acting odd?

    Edit QuoteReply Alert Hello everyone. My bunny gave birth last night to a still born. There was no complications she nested and this time I knew she was expecting so I had prepared her cage and made it extra fluffy. She had plenty of hay and did not rip much hair out this time around (the first...
  3. Laur

    Our first kindling

    In November I posted about my Holland Lop Reva, who was having difficult labor and finally gave birth to one kit, DOA. Later I posted when we rebred and our nest box dilemma. Well we finally have our kits - two little Hollands. Here they are, a few minutes old. I was not expecting them until...
  4. Laur

    Gestational size and development photos?

    I have been trying to find, to no avail, pictures and relative size like we get for human pregnancies - like when embryos/fetus' are half their birth size, etc and show drawing or photos of their development. I think it would be educational for my daughter and make it more interesting for her...
  5. Laur

    Rabbit labor and birth concerns.

    I have a lovely Holland Lop doe (profile picture) who is about 16 months old, and a buck who is about 6 months. He was selected specifically for her, as his best traits are her lower ones and vice versa. Both are from great show lines and pedigreed. We first let them have " play dates"October...
  6. BunsInTheOven

    Rabbit Birth Late

    My doe (Flemish.Giant/California Rex mix) is now on day 34 of pregnancy. She was bred 5 times July 15 and has had a pretty normal pregancy up until this week. She started her nest on day 24, which is very typical for her. She's usually extremely aggressive and impatient during pregnancy, but...