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  1. jamsbuns

    My rabbit is chewing holes in her pee pad?

    I'll place a pee pad outside of her potty areas just in case. Recently she's started to chew holes in the pee pads? I'm wondering what I can do to help this behavior? She has quite a few chew toys that she's been using and seems to like, so I'm wondering what the issue might be? She's a...
  2. Rosy

    Young rabbits constantly nipping

    I have two young rabbits (around 13 weeks old) that are constantly nipping at my clothes. I don't usually mind but if they catch some skin with it, then it hurts. They also dig a lot at my clothing. Why might they be doing this? How can I stop these behaviors?
  3. R

    Bunny digging at night

    Hi, I need help. my bunny is constantly digging in his cage at night and is being very loud. He’s in my bedroom so I can’t sleep. He’s usually well behaved and never done this before. He’s 3 year old male and spayed. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.
  4. Liquidtravel

    Behavior Change

    Hello all, About a week and a half ago I got my 6 month old flemish giant neutered. Prior to that he was very active and rarely wanted to stay in his habitat. I would always let him out at regular intervals and he would run around on the hard wood floor like a race car driver sliding around...
  5. Marikristine

    My bunny's behavior

    Hi! Lately, my bunny has been behaving differently. He used to sleep by 6 in the morning then be active at around 7 in the evening. Now, he sleeps at 1 in the afternoon then be active at 8 in the evening. He has become a little aggressive, he likes to nibble my father and brother's legs. I'd...
  6. dejathebun

    Bunny afraid of hardwood floors - Help we are moving!

    Hello all, Thank you for reading my post. My bunny Asa is terrified to walk on hardwood floors. I adopted her 2 years ago and this has always been the case for. her. The problem now is that I am moving to a new condo (Sept 1st) that is only hardwood floors. I will get area rugs but still the...
  7. Lemony4

    Rabbit no longer interested in eating pellets, still eating greens and hay

    Hi all, One of my rabbits has lost all interest in her pellets. Both of them eat twice a day, with both meals consisting of about 1/8 cup of pellets next to their greens. The boy goes wild for them but she doesn't touch them anymore, causing him to steal them and get more than his diet's...
  8. Shedua

    Rabbit absolutely hates being picked up

    So my rabbit Mac has always been against being picked up and held but recently he's been especially stressed about it. If you try to pick him up he will struggle, and I mean REALLY struggle to get out of your grasp, to the point where I get covered in claw marks and he's huffing and puffing for...
  9. cosmoluna

    When can I officially call my bunnies bonded?

    Hi Everyone!! I’m so excited to finally say after 4 long months of separation and bonding dates, my two buns have FINALLY figured it out and have been living together in a pen for the past 4 days. I have not had to separate them, there has been no fighting, nipping, or aggression. On Friday...
  10. Lemony4

    About a year after getting my rabbit and he is still too skiddish to enjoy being pet

    I got my male Leo almost a year ago now, I bonded him right away with my female Luna. He still will only really relax when he is around her and not around humans. I spend lots of floor time with them, Luna begs for pets all the time but if I ever reach for Leo he will always run away and kick...
  11. B

    Litter training or territorial?

    Hello everyone my bunny who's about 7 months old will soon be going in for a spay but I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion. I'm having trouble with my bunny wanting to poop and pee on my bed constantly. I thought it was territorial but now I'm thinking maybe she thinks its...
  12. Miffythebun

    Acting Odd

    Hey guys! So my bun travels around with me quite a bit (he has stayed between me and boyfriends houses at uni and back home and travels about once a month tops) he's always been okay with travelling (he flops in the car and eats and drinks through the journeys which are only 1-2 hours long)...
  13. S

    Habit of getting poop stuck on foot

    My rabbit who I’ve had for about 4 years has made a new habit of getting poop stuck to the same back left foot. It’s leading to a bit of a sore foot that has been seen by a vet, but I cannot figure out this behavior. He is healthy, eating and acting normal besides this weird habit. Poop even...
  14. A

    First time I've heard a clucking noise after being neutered

    I'm maybe being a bit paranoid, but my 5 year old rabbit got neutered on Friday. He's eating well and is acting normal. However, after coming home from the vet he clucked while eating. (I'm guessing clucking since it sounds like what's titled rabbits clucking on youtube). He now does it a few...
  15. V

    How can I win over my bunny

    Hi, So I adopted a lionhead male rabbit in July. I don't know anything about his history. He is 2-4 years old and was found at a park in a box. At the shelter he was so friendly and let me pet him during our play session. He was not scared at all. Like a week later I was able to take him home...
  16. Kayla Martin

    Desexing my 4mth old

    I’m a first time rabbit owner, so I’m unsure on how to proceed. My sweet Buffy is 4 months old. I’ve know since planning on getting a rabbit that I’d get it/her desexed when they were old enough. Buffy has recently taken up digging as an increasing behaviour that has me thinking it might be...
  17. hxkev

    Stressed and anxious

    I've had my bunny, Dante for almost 2 months now and I don' know what to do. First of all i have no idea if he likes me or not, he lets me pet him when he's laying down, other times he just hops away. He usually goes on the bed and tries to pee there and when I try to move him to the litter box...
  18. Fluffybunz

    How do I know if my rabbit is depressed

    I recently got a new Rabbit, Bunilla Ice to bond with my boy bun, they've been bonded for a little more than a week when unfortunately my boy bun had passed away. Bunilla is still quite new to me so I'm worried I won't be able to notice her sadness. The only difference I've noticed so far is I...
  19. Briannamb310


    Hey all. Bear with me , I’m gonna try and explain this since I’m at a loss. I recently lost one of my rabbit friends. So I saw one for adoption at a pet store who was contracting through a shelter that has a high kill rate. I wanted him out of there and here where I could best care for him and...
  20. A

    Possible bunny depression? (Sad story)

    Hello. Something incredibly sad happened to me in my bunnies over the weekend. One of them was rather horrifically killed. I had two outdoor bunnies. I'm pretty sure one is a velveteen and her daughter is a half-lop mutt. The daughter is about 4-5 months old and about 3/4 the size of the...