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  1. mollyisthecoolest

    Male rabbit nesting again!

    I have a 7 month old male rabbit. He sometimes makes nests and when he does this, he usually runs around with hay in his mouth and makes a small nest in his ‘bedroom’. He spends no more than an hour on these nests. Today, i tried to give him his breakfast and put him in his outside pen but he...
  2. PickleTheBunny

    odd behavior after vacation

    I left for 2 days to go on a short vacation with my family and friends, leaving my aunt to watch over the house and care for the animals. When I come back Pickle just seemed scared and wouldn’t greet me like normal. I’m wondering if Pickle forgot me? Or maybe he’s just mad I left.
  3. Mochismommy

    How to get my new bunny to enjoy being pet?

    We got our bunny two weeks ago and he seems to be doing great apart from his relationship with us. He lives in an extra large dog crate with toys and a hidy home and he gets let out to roam 3x a day where he binkys, gets the zoomies and flops! But he hates being touched. We just lay or sit on...
  4. KayKai

    New bunny mom here!

    Hi there, My name is Kay and my new 3 month old bunny name is Binx. I'm very new to the bunny business lol so I would love to have tips and advice please. One of my Main concerns since getting Binx is that he seems cold towards me and runs away everytime I try to pet him. I buy Binx toys and...
  5. K

    Spayed 2 year old rabbit keep peeing on my bed

    Hi guys, I got my rabbit around June 2020 and she was spayed sometime in November. I feel like I didn’t get to form a good relationship with her and she pees my bed out of spite. Back in 2020 we did some routine blood work and her kidney levels were high and she was treated for E. cuniculi and I...
  6. Nala-Bun21

    Post spay - bunny won’t come for hugs anymore ☹️ And digging excessively!!

    Hello, my little Nala was so affectionate and loved cuddles before her spay 2 weeks ago. She used to spend ages in my arms on the sofa but since her spay she seems scared of me in that respect! Her litter box use has massively improved and she isn’t marking on the sofa or spraying my feet! 🙏🏼...
  7. F

    What to do? (digging in cage)

    Hi I’m new here so please bare with me. I have a 2 rabbits. Solider,4 RexF, and Skooma,2 mini satinF, they are not bonded and both are fixed. I’m here to talk about Solider. We resently moved and because of this we had to get her a new cage because hers broke in the move. Well her new one comes...
  8. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Scratching litter tray

    For the past week or so my male rabbits has been constantly scratching in the littler box, and it emptying it out onto my floor they have loads of toys and boxes to chew and scratch Everytime he does it I try scatter treats on the floor or remove him from the tray but he just keeps going back...
  9. Smokeyskenzie

    New Bunny in home, old bunny upset?

    Hey there! I recently brought in a new rabbit, a female, not yet spayed and my male rabbit is going bananas. Actually they both are. Just looking for some insight or tips on how I might navigate this situation. I’ve had my rabbit Smokey for a few months not and he has an appoint for his neuter...
  10. Smokeyskenzie

    Rabbit pooping out of spite?

    Good morning everyone, Please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum - this is my first time posting here. I'm having an issue with my rabbit, Smokey. We are doing construction in my home and to protect him from the wires and other materials he may get into while they're working on the...
  11. zekapeka

    Litter Training & Behavioral issues

    Hello everyone, I need some advice on my buns litter trainig. My bun’s a year and a half old, and he’s been litter trained for a while now. At first, he had his litter box and his cage in which he was closed during the night, and had water/food/hay in. During the day - his free roam time, he...
  12. R

    Lonely rabbit??

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I would like to get your opinions about this. I've had my rabbit since last september. He is neutered and over a half a year old. He has become very destructive, he doesn't live in a cage. He has a quite large enclosure with fences around. His home 'base' is a...
  13. A

    So bad after spay!

    My little girl Athena got spayed over 2 weeks ago approach 3 weeks. She's been terrible with her behavior. She had an uneventful spay she healed amazingly but her behavior is out of hand. Before being spayed she was sweet and generally calm no agression. After spay she'd digging at everything...
  14. mochiandsaffron

    Should I separate my bonded bunnies?

    So my 2 male rabbits I got a few months back were sweet angels when they were younger and almost never fought. They groomed eachother and it was super cute how affectionate they were towards eachother. Now that they’re older, (Mochi, who has even had his testicles drop) they fight almost daily...
  15. K

    Why are my bonded rabbits are fighting?

    I have 2 rabbits. A boy and a girl. The boy is a Holland lop and the girl is a Flemish Giant which is about 3 times the size of the boy. I got them when they were 8 weeks old and they have been best friends for the past 3 months. yesterday my holland lop suddenly get very aggressive towards the...
  16. claire24x7

    Bunny has been peeing outside litter box, possible UTI? Help!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here. My bunny Tiny is a year old and hasn’t been spayed yet. He’s usually pretty good about peeing in the litter box but I’ve noticed lately that he’s also been peeing outside the litter box, usually in a small amount. His behaviour is completely normal and...
  17. BunMomDelux

    She doesn’t play with toys

    I just took in a new not yet spayed rabbit and I’ve offered her every type of toy and she’s showing zero interest. She’s very food motivated so I tried hiding treats in some or rubbing banana on it & nothing. I’ve tried hiding treats in her hay to encourage foraging & she really seemed confused...
  18. emmaskye

    Weird behaviour

    Usually my rabbit comes up from his pen and chills in the living room for most of the day. Last night he was thumping quite a few times, and we had no idea why… Nothing had changed in the environment except for the fact that my maid was over cleaning the house. This morning, he hasn’t been...
  19. Shedua

    My Rabbit is In Love With a Beach Ball

    My netherland dwarf mix rabbit Mac really really likes these two blow up beach ball toys we have. I've had my rabbit for about two and a half years now, currently he is not neutered. I have been planning on getting him neutered but because of COVID my finances got thrown out of whack for a while...
  20. D

    Female Rabbit Urinating

    Hi There, We adopted 2 bunnies about three months ago, from two separate homes. Thunder is a 1 y/o boy (fixed) and Misty is a 2.5 y/o girl (unfixed). They both bonded well, are about the same size, never fought, and were living together within 2 weeks of moving in. The girl is very passive &...