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  1. bellathebouncingbun

    Anybody’s bun sleep in their bed?

    Just snuggled up with Bella for bedtime and was wondering if anybody else lets their rabbit sleep on their bed? Bella just tends to hop around, find a comfy spot- usually on one of my pillows, just above my head so she can give me kisses- and fall asleep peacefully. Anybody else?
  2. L

    Bun’s 4am wake up call

    My rabbit jumps everywhere he can reach. About a week ago he learned how to jump in my bed. He zooms in my bed and binkies. The problem is he does this at 4am. He’s a free roam bun since I got the top floor of our house. After going hyper in my bed he jumps down and zooms around the room...
  3. Dorothy Silverio

    Bunny care advice

    Evening to you all, so my boyfriend and I adopted a bunny from a shelter. She’s 2 years old and was spayed 5 days ago. Last night she kept me up till 2am hopping around and nibbling at things. I noticed this morning and yesterday (being her first night with us) that she’s been chewing the bars...
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