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  1. K

    Bunny is litter trained but pees on bedding/ anything soft on cage floor

    My Bunny is just over 1 years old, and is neutered. He is litter trained, and when I have no bedding on the cage floor he will only ever pee in his litter tray. However, because it is now the winter, i decided I should put some bedding on the cage floor to help keep it a bit warmer for him. It...
  2. Dagny


    Hi there, I just want to confirm that the pelleted horse "soft wood" bedding is safe for my babies? thank you!
  3. Gelly

    Anyone else's bunny do this? *face palm*

    My rabbit loves peeing on his hay. I thought this hay rack would solve the problem but alas. It's wasting a lot of hay and I just don't get why he does this. His litter bedding is a layer of soft wood stove pellets and a layer of shredded paper bedding. I'm pretty sure he likes his bedding but...
  4. Gelly

    Here comes another litter question! YAY! U(´・×・`)U

    I've been posting litter questions all day and night, I know! I'm just trying to get a unified answer lol. Till then, the search continues. Would these pellets be suitable for my bun...