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  1. lilsw

    How do I get pee off my bunny?

    Hey! This is my first post here, hope this is the right discussion :) So one of my bunnies, Luise, has been peeing on the other, Charlie, a lot. Like, all over her. She sometimes jumps over Charlie and leaves a trail of pee on her coat. It's disgusting and cleaning it up with a washcloth hasn't...
  2. N

    HELP !!

    I have a 6 year old Florida white rabbit and today I gave him a bath because his fur had gotten really muddy from our walk,at first he was fine with it but then he started to really stress out and started trying to jump out of the tub and it seemed like he couldn’t stop pooping so I took him out...
  3. Mz_Mala

    Dirty bunny... Need advice!

    I have 2 buns, 1 male mini lop (2.5 years old) named Oreo and 1 English spot (< 1 year) named Zelda. Both belong to my son, who has gone off to college this fall, and so I'm now their primary caregiver. Zelda has no problems, but Oreo has a special bond with my son and hasn't been the same since...
  4. Reemy


    Hi! I just want to ask. My rabbits are starting to smell really bad and I dont know why, its probably from peeing alot on the hay and then sleeping on it. I am getting unconfortable with the smell. Is there any way that I can clean them possibly wash them a little with water or something...
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