bald spot

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  1. Nikkilove323

    Drooping ear with red warm bald spot

    One of my precious rabbits ear started drooping a couple days ago and over night there was a quarter size bald warm spot at the back base of his ear. Help, what is this and how to I help my rabbit?
  2. M

    Rabbit Bald Spot Scab

    Hello! I was petting my lionhead rabbit when I noticed that she has a bald spot on her upper back with red scabs. She lives with our other bunny. I looked at him and I didn't see any spots similar to this. What could this be? Is she yanking her fur hard or could it be a bug bite? I do notice...
  3. L

    Matted fur and bald spot under chin

    Hi guys, my Dutch has started having clumps of what I think is matted fur under her chin - obviously it’s a very hard areas to assess - certain clumps right under her chin are becoming hard and stiff as if glued together. When I try and feel the area I very easily teased the clumps out with my...
  4. Niomi

    sebaceous adenitis

    My 5 year old mini rex has been having some skin issues for a couple of months. I ended up taking her to a vet dermatologist, and the vet thinks it is sebaceous adenitis. I have to add safflower oil to her food and take her back to the vet in 6 weeks. Just wondering if anyone has any experience...
  5. C


    My rabbit has some bald spots that wont go away. Her skin is flaky in those areas and the flakes come off with her fur that is newly grown. All the vets I've met tell me she's ok. Also in the last days her eyes started leaking. Anyone know what it could be??
  6. Lilpooper

    Bald patch

    I have had my baby Jameson for just about a month. On Thursday he will be 3 months old. He is a little polish dwarf. Tonight while playing I noticed a bald patch on his back. It is not flakey at all and I haven’t noticed him chewing or scratching that area. I have read about mites being...