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  1. T

    Hard bumps on rabbits back

    Hi I’m new to this site and I needed some help as I can’t find anything online about what my bunny has. My little girl is 8 weeks and I noticed she has quite a few hard bumps on her back that are under her skin. It like bone but it’s very sharp and I know it’s not her bones. There are two or...
  2. Tabi

    Does my bunny like being on her back??

    Hi there, My bunny Luna is a young mini lop, I occasionally put her on her back in my arms and stroke her head, which seems to make her fall asleep as her eyes start to shut a little and her head relaxes. She moves if she gets sick of it but otherwise she seems to enjoy it. Am I right to be...
  3. Theodore Leonardo

    Flaky, dandruff like lumps on bunny's back

    So as we all know it's malting season right now, and Theo is quite the malter... but as I was grooming him the other day I felt a lump on his skin and on further inspection found a crusty patch amongst the fur. I assumed it must just be a patch of tangled fur and thought nothing of it, but I...