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  1. Jacquie2020


    Hello, my name is Jacquie, and I am a new mom to my 3 month old girl bun Marley. I adopted her on June 4th, and today went to attempt to clip new nails for the first time when before clipping noticed this…. It is a scaly kind of scab like texture kind of bubbly feeling , looks inflamed, and...
  2. colonel17

    Why did my bunny pass away? :(

    Hello Everyone! This is probably a long shot but maybe someone can help? I bought my bunny from the pet store last Tuesday (1/19/21) but couldn’t bring him home until Friday (1/22/21) because he had just been brought into the store and needed a few days to relax! Picked him up around 1 on Friday...
  3. Haru the Lionhead

    What do i feed my bunny

    Hello guys, i got a new bunny 5 days ago and they told me she is 10 months old. I gave her Timothy hay, lettuce, parsley, dill, coriander, Rocca, cucumber, apple, and orange. She eats well and her poop is fine. Today they called and said she is 4 months old!! Is that okay? can I still feed her...
  4. BabyMushu

    Lymph node swelling :(

    Hi! My bunny is 6 weeks and a 1/2 old and I took him to the vet and I found out his lymph nodes are enlarged. The vet said it could be swelling/inflammation, cancerous, or infectious. I just wanted to know more info about this. Such as why it’s swelling up or what I can do to help him. His...
  5. MistyBun25

    What's my rabbits color?

    So I just adopted this adorable Holland lop boy. I was told he is a broken blue but I'm not sure if that's what he is. I was thinking magpie? He has some very light creme on his ears and a little on his nose but the rest is a dark and light blue/grey color. What do y'all think. He is very...
  6. K

    How to bond two female bunnies?

    Hello, This is a very serious concern for me. I have a Netherland dwarf bunny female named Koko, who is a little over a year old. My family has been planning on bringing a new bunny home so Koko could have a friend. But we haven't been able to do that because everyone was so busy. However...
  7. myroommateisarabbit

    Help me guess my rabbit's age/breed!

    Recently got a new bunny to accompany my older rabbit Kit (don't worry, he is a total sweetheart). The breeder I got him/her from was clearly not a very good one, unfortunately. He tried to tell me that Bean is 7 weeks, and I'm having a VERY hard time believing him. Now maybe I'm just crazy...
  8. B

    i dont know what kind of rabbit she is!

    My family and i adopted the White female rabbit, i am not sure what breed she is. All i know is last night we discovered she was given to us pregnant. we where not prepared whatsoever so she gave birth in her cage. Can we move the babies? please help me figure out what kind of rabbit she is!!!
  9. S

    Baby bunny trouble

    my bunny is about 8 weeks old and I’ve had him for only 4 days and he has been a social bunny hopping everywhere and having a good time and I always keep a close eye on him but today he has barely moved and I have to pick him up and put the water to him for him to drink and he will nibble on hay...