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  1. M

    Help ! Cleaning my baby rabbit

    Hi everyone I really need some urgent advice. I recently got a mini lop and his paws are white. He hates being held. I read online about how to clean his paws so I applied little vinegar and cornstartch while my husband held him. He kept struggling a bit while i was cleaning and then he was...
  2. baobeithebuns


    i’ve never seen these lines before... is it moulting? she is about 4 months old. how often should i brush her? she rarely lets me but today supringly she allowed me to brush her for 15 min with little struggle. so. much. dur.
  3. baobeithebuns

    willow/wicker fence roll?

    does anyone know what type of wood this is? is it bunny safe? my friend brought it to me, she said she bought it for her garden but didn’t need it all.. she thinks it’s either wicker or willow but she doesn’t have the wrapper. she also doesn’t know if it’s treated. just from dollarama.. i...
  4. Avanessa

    My baby bunny broke his right back leg!

    I just recently started searching for what I can do for my baby bunny, which was given to me as a gift. I've been taking care of two bunnies for not even a month but I love them so much. I found this page and I have read a lot of people giving advices and help to each other so I thought maybe...
  5. finnsmom

    Young Bunny Won’t Leave Play Pen

    I have a 13 week old Havana rabbit mix (i was told he’s mixed with netherland dwarf but there’s just no way). He’s a free roam bunny in my fairly large bedroom. I have a large play pen for him that houses his food, some toys, litter box, and hidey house. The play pen is always open unless i’m...