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  1. S


    I have just found a baby bunny out of the nest, I picked it up and put it back in but it is just moving and breathing. There are 4 others in the nest which are active and swirling around. I’m not sure what to do. When would I decide to feed it by hand? If I have to what do I feed it and how...
  2. chlocbfkgj


    Hey all! So tonight about an hour ago, we went down to do the nightly check in on all the rabbits and a first time mom had her kits, FINALLY! LOL but the problem was she had pulled fur in the box but left the kits on the wire, so we did as usual and took them in to warm them up. After that she...
  3. baobeithebuns

    bunny punishments?

    how do you guys feel about bunny punishments/timeouts? bei, my holland lop bunny has been so evil this last week, shredding up my carpet, digging into the hardwood, chewing up their pen matt, digging in the litter, purposely hoping onto my couch and looking me dead in the eye and letting out...