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  1. toyabrooke

    Safe Mite Treatment for 7 Week Old Baby Lop

    Hi everyone, We have a 7 week old lop (his mum passed away when he was 5.5 weeks old, which is why we have him so young), and I have just noticed since bringing him home 2 days ago that he has mites. Everywhere online says that you can only use flea treatments after 8 weeks so I have two...
  2. D

    Need help with baby bunny

    So I recently got a baby bunny she’s 1 month and a half I actually got her on Tuesday. I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to feed her, if y’all know anything would you help me?
  3. emmaskye

    Litter training

    Is it ok if I take my 8 week old bunny’s pellets away for awhile to encourage her to use her litter box for litter training (it is filled with alfalfa hay)
  4. H

    Caring for my new baby lionhead/lop mix

    Hi guys, I'm a first time rabbit owner and I picked up my lovely Hendrix from a pet store yesterday. I was told he was a lionhead/lop mix and that he is around 7 weeks old (I found out only today while doing more research that this is a bit too young for the pet store to be selling him, which...
  5. B

    Help! New rabbit - doesn't even like treats/no bonding?

    Hello, I'm a new bunny owner. I got a 3 month old holland lop 2 days ago and he doesn't seem to like treats (1 freshly cut apple slice). He would sniff it and sniff my hand, then run away and hide. I think everytime I get close to his cage, he runs and hides. How do I get him to stop...
  6. Tabi

    Bunny won't stop humping new baby bunny?

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding my 5 year old mini lop cross. We recently had his bonded female Luna pass away, and he was absolutely distraught. He has been incredibly needy so we decided to adopt a new baby bunny. He's been licking her and sleeping with her, and she's been cuddling...
  7. C

    11 week mini lop ear infection

    Hi, I recently purchased a baby mini lop from a breeder. He is 11weeks old now but I’ve only had him a week. Last night he went weird and started shaking his head, running circles and falling over. His eyes were twitching crazily so I obviously panicked and took him to an emergency vet within an...
  8. A

    Baby bunny

    Hi everyone, new to this forum. We bought a female rabbit and she ended up having babies a week later. It was a surprise to us and we were not ready. We did our best to accommodate her and the new babies, she had 3 and only one survived, he lived to be 4 weeks and yesterday we found him dead in...
  9. Snowball_101

    New baby bunny! Please help!

    Hi everyone, so my neighbor gave us another bunny because they were going to give the rest they had to a local shelter. We accepted it but we were not prepared at all. So first, we introduced it to Snowball and it went really well. Snowball put his head under the baby asking to be groomed. He...
  10. A

    How big will my bunny get?

    Hey all! I have been looking all over for a bunny growth sheet or size guide and have had no luck. I got a 8 week old male mix breed rabbit, who currently weighs about 30 oz/2ish lbs. At least I think so, he was little squirmy on the scale and I did not want to stress him out. How big can I...
  11. P

    Wild baby bunny question (did I do the right thing?)

    Apologies in advance--this is going to be a long post. There's a lot of information that I'm not sure is necessary or not, but I'm including anyway. I'm not even sure if this is the right place to ask this. I'm a little desperate. Alright, so here's the story. My neighbor's cat found what we...
  12. CloverInTheField

    How’s many pellets should I feed my 10-11 week old rabbit?

    I have been feeding my 10-11 week lion head 1/4 of a cup a day since I’ve got her. I give it to her in the morning everyday. She has unlimited hay and water, the only thing restricted is her pellets as I heard unlimited pellets could cause problems later. Is this a good amount? Should I be...
  13. B


    hello everyone! I am have been ghosting this site for some time in preparation for my bunny and Saturday she finally came home! Doris is a 12 week old white blue eyed holland lop and I am absolutely in love! So for my questions, is there anyway to somewhat litter train before being spayed? I...
  14. B

    My friend adopted a 5 week old rabbit help?

    My friend was waiting to get a rabbit from a neighbour who breeds rabbits, expecting to get one who was 8 weeks old, however, the breeder messed up and gave her a five-week-old rabbit. The breeder told her to keep it since she's already started to bond with it, the Rabbit seemed to have been...
  15. Bunny_Mommy

    I woke up this morning to find my 8 week old tiny bunny missing in my apartment

    Hello, I live by myself in an 800 sq apartment and I recently bought two 8 week old bunnies. I just built a hutch and keep them in my living room. There is a large one and a smaller one, and the tiny one is missing. Somehow, they opened the wire door of their hutch and got out. They are usually...
  16. B

    Pain relief for baby bunny.

    I have 2 baby bunny's who are approx 6 weeks old and still bottle feeding. Last night when I went to feed them I found they had gotten into a fight and ones leg was badly bitten. I've cleaned and wrapped her leg. I know asprin is out due to it can cause thinning of blood, could I give her baby...
  17. BunBunLover06

    HELP!! Bunny pregnant

    I have a doe mini lop that I have rescued from a neglect home. She is pregnant and starting to nest and pull fur. Is there anyway to tell when she is about to give birth? Thanks